Dental Microsurgery

Minimally-Invasive Microsurgery

At Perio Clinic Oakville, we want you to love your smile. We routinely perform dental extractions on teeth that may be considered hopeless or unrestorable, including regular dental, surgical, and wisdom teeth extractions.

Dental extractions may require the removal of broken or embedded roots, requiring an experienced dentist to perform the procedure. We also provide sedation options for our patients, so any necessary procedures are both comfortable and stress-free.

How It Works

Microsurgery has been responsible for the advancement of brain tumour surgery, vascular neurosurgery, and cataract and retinal surgery.

The surgical microscope offers advantages including enhanced visual acuity, improved tissue preservation, and reduced surgical trauma by using micro-incisions and micro-sutures. This allows for minimal disruption of the local blood supply and enhanced re-vascularization to the surgical site. In turn, this improves the regenerative capabilities of the procedure.

What that means for periodontal patients is a less-invasive surgery, improved healing, better surgical results, and a speedier recovery overall.

Microsurgery at Perio Clinic Oakville

Periodontal surgery doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience — or require a long recovery. Dr. Mohamed and his team take pleasure in providing patients with all the information required to help them understand their treatment plan, while using the latest advancements in the field of periodontology. Your smile is in great hands at Perio Clinic Oakville.


“Very kind, efficient and helpful staff. Dr. Mohamed is professional & compassionate and makes what could be an unpleasant and frightening experience much easier and more comfortable.”

Happy Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

What cutting-edge equipment do you use during microsurgery?

Dr. Mohamed uses technology previously adapted from brain surgery, such an advanced surgical microscope and Live Navigation Surgical Systems. He also uses computer-guided digital planning and 3D printing to simplify his surgical treatments.

An operating microscope is used for magnification which can enlarge an object up to 40 times. Along with the microscope special microsurgical instruments, tiny scalpels and sutures are used to manipulate the tissues in a minimally invasive way. Through the use of microsurgical instrumentation and advanced digital technology the procedures can be done in a minimally invasive and accurate way to allow faster recovery and less postoperative pain.

Does microsurgery reduce pain or speed recovery?

Yes! The microsurgical techniques that Dr. Mohamed and his team use enable the patient to be more comfortable during surgery and improve postoperative healing. Due to the precision, the tissue and surrounding areas are not disrupted as much so there is less swelling, smaller incisions and a shorter recovery.