Dental Bone Augmentation

Bone Reconstruction & Grafting

There is more to your smile than just your teeth — your surrounding bone structure and jaw makes up the important foundation that holds your pearly whites in place.

At Perio Clinic Oakville, we treat all of the important structures that make your smile bright and your bite strong. This includes rebuilding eroded, injured, or decayed bone.

In cases of tooth loss, the bones around the area degenerate. This is commonly seen when there is an infection, injury, or trauma to the area. Before a dental implant can be inserted, the bone in the surrounding area needs to be rebuilt — that’s where bone augmentation or grafting comes in.

Personalized Periodontal Treatments

When it comes to your perfect smile, we know that one-size does not fit all. Perio Clinic Oakville provides several techniques for bone augmentation. As such, we carefully evaluate each individual case to determine the most effective treatment. In addition to a thorough examination, our team uses a CT scan to view the extent of the deficiency and then chooses the best approach to provide ideal bone dimensions for dental implant placement.

Our bone reconstruction procedures include:

  • Guided bone regeneration procedures using bone chips and special membranes.
  • Maxillary sinus elevation procedures for upper posterior implants.
  • Harvesting bone blocks or plates from the chin or back of the jaw to reconstruct large volume defects.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Perio Clinic Oakville is the only periodontal clinic that offers a computer-guided bone augmentation procedure — a treatment protocol for bone grafting that was pioneered by Dr. Mohamed and his radiologist.

Using CT scan data and a laser scan of the surgical site, the bone grafting procedure is digitally simulated prior to surgery. This digital simulation is then applied to the live surgery through the use of 3D printed bone models, cutting guides, and bone moulds.

The result is a more controlled and efficient bone harvest, shorter operating time, and a safer and more predictable surgery.

Faster Post-Surgery Recovery

We know that your time is valuable — that’s why at Perio Clinic Oakville we incorporate regenerative medicine protocols to help improve healing and speed up recovery.

Using a patient’s blood sample, we can create a growth-factor-rich bone graft and special fibrin membranes to help you get back on your feet and smiling … faster.

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“A periodontist is the last place a 20-year-old wants to be. However, with the loving staff and excellent work of Dr. Mohamed, I am looking forward to going back in the future and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a periodontist. Thank you again, Dr. Mohamed.”

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Furcation Bone Grafting w/ Connective Tissue Grafting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone need bone augmentation?

Typically, the causes may range from a large infection to lack of teeth in a certain area. The bone augmentation will allow the area to have more natural contours so that implants looks (and feels) its best.

Can I grow back bone?

Yes, bone grafting is done so that you can rebuild the bone so that you can support dental implant. Once the area heals, it will take time for the transplanted bone to grow enough new bone to proceed with the next phase.

Will I be sedated?

Likely yes. However, it depends on the extent of the bone defect and the area where the bone will be extracted from.

What is the recovery time?

Usually recovery takes 5-7 days for a large bone graft.