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Beautify Your Smile

Your smile can leave a lasting impression — but sometimes a great smile needs a little bit of help.

At Perio Clinic Oakville, we offer a range of cosmetic services to enhance the beauty of your smile — so that you feel great showing it off. However, a great smile is more than just the sum or sparkle of your teeth. It’s also influenced by what is called the ‘pink aesthetic’, which includes your gum tissues and how they interface with your teeth, as well as your lips. All in all, your smile is a complex dance between your teeth, gum tissues, gum line, and your lip position.

Improving Your Smile’s Aesthetics

Do you wish you had fuller lips, a less gummy smile, or a healthy pink gum line? Even with good oral hygiene, aging and genetics can alter your gum line and put you at greater risk for tooth loss.

At Perio Clinic Oakville, we specialize in procedures that correct gum deformities and reverse unsightly gum recession.

Lighten Dark Gums

Gums come in varying shades and colours. It frequently differs from one person to the next. You might have darker gums, while your friend has slightly more pale gums. Your gums may further appear a different colour due to your lifestyle choices, medications, or a medical condition.

Our gingival depigmentation process can lighten gum tissues which appear pigmented and dark due to restorative materials or the production of melanin. This process can restore your gums to a fresher, pink hue.

Fixing A Gummy Smile

We specialize in the treatment of gummy smiles. Depending on your individual case, there are a number of options we can provide to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Procedures like aesthetic crown lengthening can scallop your gums and expose your natural or ideal contours of your teeth to provide a more vibrant and youthful smile. If your teeth contours do not require correction, however you feel you show too much gum in your smile, then procedures like lip repositioning or the use of Botox can be used to reduce the lip hyper-mobility.

Lip Augmentation

Dr. Mohamed provides lip augmentation fillers to add fullness and soften the appearance of lines around the lips.

Full and plump lips are often desired to give the appearance of youth and beauty. Augmentation is performed with lip filler injections to achieve more body, fullness, contour, and balance.

We use a range of fillers in our office, such as Juvederm Volbella. We also use PRP (platelet rich plasma) and plasma gel, which are fillers made from the patient’s own blood. 


“I had to have gum recession surgery involving a gum graft from the roof of my mouth. Dr. Mohamed took great care of me. I did not feel any pain during the procedure and was well taken care of by Dr. Mohamed and his staff. I received clear after-care instructions. Office staff called me the day after the procedure to make sure I was ok. Today is post-procedure day 2 and I have no pain. Swelling is as I had expected. Graft site looks amazing – Dr. Mohamed did a great job!! Very grateful and satisfied patient!”

Happy Patient

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Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile occurs when a disproportionate amount of gum tissue (technically, more than 4 millimetres) is visible under the upper lip during a smile. While excess gum tissue is a common cause, it may also be short teeth (natural or due to grinding), thin upper lip, hyper-mobile upper lip, or the structure of the upper jaw. If you find that you are readjusting your smile to compensate for this, then there are several treatment options to enhance your smile and reduce gum exposure.

How do you fix a gummy smile?

Changing the appearance of a gummy smile comes down to fixing what is causing your smile to appear gummy in the first place. A crown lengthening procedure can remove excess gum tissue to display more teeth. But if it’s the teeth causing a more gummy smile, then capped or porcelain veneers can easily fix the problem. Further, botox injections or a minor surgical procedure can solve a hyper-mobile lip causing a gummy smile. Jaw issues causing a gummy smile, on the other hand, are more complex. Jaw-straightening (orthognathic) surgery is required to adjust jaw alignment. In combination with the above procedures, orthodontic treatment may also be advised to get you the smile you desire.

Are dark gums a sign of bad oral health?

No. More often, it’s simply because the patient has a higher proportion of melanin in the gums tissues’ surface. Typically, individuals with darker skin are naturally rich in melanin versus those with lighter skin. That said, smoking can create dark pigmented areas on the gum (which is usually reversible upon quitting).

Will the pigmentation return?

Yes, it is possible, depending on the cause. You can speak with Dr. Mohamed about this during your consultation.